"Does the growth of ‘smart’ technology herald an age of urban utopias – or the very opposite?" 

"It isn't about technology, it's about the business models that make investment in infrastructure work" 

"The risk is that we will be driven by the novelty of data and not address the issues we need it for" - big vs. rich data.

“You are not going to attract innovation if you don’t have affordable housing and infrastructure that’s creaking at the seams" 

Key quotations of Simon Wicks, the features editor of The Planner magazine, speaking at the European Council of Spatial Planners’ biennial conference in Dublin.

Value for Dubai

Dubai has recently announced its Data Law and is now expecting a boost in economy based on the availability of data, smart initiatives and innovative ideas and businesses based on those. In his contribution in Dublin Simon Wicks points out that it takes more than the those factors to harvest the maximum output of technology, data and smartness.