Mobile devices have revolutionized how millions of packages are tracked in transit, giving consumers and enterprises insight into the locations of thousands of trucks on the highway. Now, school bus tracking solutions are bringing the same idea to the most precious of packages: our children.
The system uses a combination of RFID-enabled ID cards and GPS-enabled Samsung Galaxy tablets. Every student receives an ID card, which records when and where students get on and off of their designated bus. When a student swipes their card along the tablet’s built-in RFID antenna, the system will accept or reject the student’s ID based on real-time information from the cloud-connected database. This significantly reduces the risk for error when loading and dropping off students.

Value for Dubai

In particular in cities where parents are often both working full time during the regular school week, such as e.g. Dubai, school busses are part of the daily routine for many children. Smart solutions now allow seamless tracking of the location of our kids, enabling better response in case of emergency and leaving parents more relaxed within their own daily routine.