For decades, automobiles have been gathering data about their own internal systems, yet that information has typically been locked away from drivers; only mechanics armed with special hardware have been able to access it. Toronto based startup Drven’s introduced a product, called Ke (pronounced “key”), that plugs into the same telemetry port a mechanic would access and wirelessly transmits to a smartphone app—kind of like a Fitbit for your car.
With more accurate information drivers will have a better idea of what’s gone wrong with their cars, how much repairs will cost and which vehicles perform better than others.
Toronto-based Drven is just one of thousands of startups worldwide focusing on the rapidly growing field of car and traffic technology. There’s never been a better time to be a startup focused on transportation, with several factors converging to create a huge market opportunity.

Value for Dubai

The global smart transportation sector is expected to grow to US$138 billion by 2020, up from US$46 billion this year, at a compound annual growth rate of 24%, according to analysis firm Markets and Markets. Looking at the rapid growth of both, the smart transportation sector, and the population influx into Dubai, solutions embracing connectivity hold huge potential to fight traffic, and mobility issues. E.g. smart connected signals, applications predicting traffic light switching, traffic jam applications etc. may become basic equipment in cars and our smart phones in the near future.