The vogue wording "Smart City" is being used to describe cities that use technology to improve the lives of their citizens, reduce costs, and become greener. The smart city, its supporters say, can simultaneously tackle two challenges most cities face: population growth and climate change.
The European Commission has also embraced the concept, and although it has come up with a definition of a smart city. The commission is spending €200 million of its 2014/2015 budget from research programme Horizon 2020 on proliferating the smart city. Stockholm is one of the nine cities chosen to become a "lighthouse project" within Horizon 2020. Previously Stockholm had received EU funding for several trials, including fitting lampposts with charging points for electric cars, and free WiFi.

Value for Dubai

"What is needed is vision and true leadership, including the willingness to take risks", a Cisco representative recently said. Dubai combines these essential elements. Research and development of many smart initiatives are supported through Smart Dubai and carried out in collaboration with Strategic Partner, and others.