Over the last decades consumer access to technology has reshaped the user journey when purchasing items. For many years companies were looking at this shift, and began reacting to embrace the change in behaviour to their advantage. Brands today can not only react to customers as they make purchasing decisions but also actively shape those decision journeys. A set of technologies is underpinning this change, allowing companies to design and continuously optimize decision journeys. More important, companies today can use journeys to deliver value to both the customer and the brand. Companies that do this well can radically compress the consideration and evaluation phases—and in some cases even eliminate them—during the purchase process and catapult a consumer right to the loyalty phase of the relationship. The journey itself is becoming the defining source of competitive advantage.

Value for Dubai

New technologies impact us as consumers, but likewise should impact us as an economy of supply and product/service offering. Based on new technologies consumer data can be collected and used (anonymously) to reshape marketing and business development structures. The Dubai Data initiative has the potential to become an essential step to local businesses to boost their ability to impact the customer purchasing cycle.