Autonomous driving will be hugely economically and socially disruptive by the middle of the century.

In the first phase of change McKinsey expects to see autonomous vehicles (AVs) in controlled environments (like mines) and in some commercial transport. In the next phase, we'll start to see AVs fully adopted. In the final phase, Automation will make for safer driving, with savings of up to $190 billion a year, mostly from reduced health care costs. There will also be up to 61 billion extra square feet of parking space. The new in-car media market will be worth more than $5 billion a year. There may be negative consequence in some industries, as the supply chain will be fully automated.

Value for Dubai

Dubai is already a leader in AV mass-transit vehicles including the Dubai Metro and the Tram. 

As AV technology expands into the private vehicle market, Dubai  has an opportunity to be a first-mover in establishing a well-regulated transportation environment conducive to Autonomous Vehicles.