Czech packager Arancia Europa has created a complete packaging solution called MIWA (for Minimum Waste), that allows stores to sell food wrapper-free. The MIWA system begins when food producers package their products in special reusable capsules. The capsules replace plastic and cardboard packaging and allow the products to be shipped more cheaply. Once in stores, the capsules are placed in specially-designed modular stands on the sales floor. Shoppers choose their goods from an intuitive display screen that shows all the product information normally found on packaging. Customers choose the products and amounts they want by scanning the product codes on the displays, or using an app. The chosen amount of product is then dispensed into the customer’s own container or into MIWAs reusable containers. Customers pay from the app and pick up the order on the way out the door, or have it delivered. Because MIWA allows customers to buy only the amount they want, food waste is minimized.

Value for Dubai

Introducing this system to Dubai will not only cut down on waste and therefore the amount of CO2 emitted in the burning of waste, but also reduce food wastage substantially.