Candian start up Carbon Engineering is developing ‘Air to Fuels’ technology that takes carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere and then uses it to produce fuel.
Air to fuels uses renewable electricity to combine the hydrogen with captured atmospheric CO? to produce hydrocarbon fuels such as diesel and gasoline.

Given that up to 30% of the World’s carbon emissions comes from the manufacturing industry, this innovative solution has been designed to lower the impact. It enables manufacturers to produce global scale quantities of fuels, whilst minimizing the amount of fossil carbon emissions to the atmosphere.

The company is already running a demonstration plant in Squamish, British Columbia, that is removing one ton of CO? from the air every day.

Value for Dubai

Technologies like Air to Fuels, provide valuable insights to new solutions that tackle global challenges around Carbon Emissions. In particular this could contribute directly to Dubai’s Clean Energy Strategy 2050, which seeks to establish a cleaner city for the future.