German start-up, Green City Solutions, has developed the world’s first bio tech filter to quantifiably improve air quality - CityTrees. The free standing, vertical units are layered with moss which binds particulate matter, nitrogen oxides and CO2 equivalents. This process acts a natural cooling mechanism for its surroundings, in addition to resulting in the production of oxygen.

The technology can be described to be the perfect combination of plant and engineering as it uses; integrated IoT (Internet of Things) technology, automated watering functionality, solar panel energy provision and for the most part, the hardware is recyclable.

It is the hope of the inventors that a single CityTree will have the environmental benefits of a small forest and become a game changer for making urban zones more clean, cool and green for the future. CityTree installations have already been established in both Oslo and Hong Kong.

Value for Dubai

Insights born from technologies like CityTrees will be invaluable to Dubai and are relevant to a number of upcoming and ongoing initiatives. For example, a greener, cleaner Dubai is a high priority as the the city prepares for EXPO 2020 and the use of solar panels for energy provision as well as the machine’s recyclable properties would contribute significantly to Dubai’s Clean Energy Strategy 2050.