Enway, previously known as CleanSquare, is developing a technology platform that allows the autonomous operation of service and speciality vehicles. Its street sweeper combines centimeter precise navigation and path planning to optimize the automated cleaning of industrial areas, business parks or public areas. The Berlin-based start-up’s objective is to utilize supervised robotics to make cities cleaner, roads safe and contribute to the global reduction of greenhouse gases.

It’s innovative solution for decarbonizing Europe was recognized by the European Commission as one of twelve winners of the European Transport Innovation Challenge 2017, from 110 submissions.

Value for Dubai

As Dubai prepares for EXPO 2020, it can leverage on technologies launched by start-ups such as Enway, in its move towards making the city cleaner and greener for the future. In particular, collaboration of insights and use case studies, would be invaluable to Dubai’s Municipality Department of Waste Management and its development of ‘My City, My Environment’ initiatives.