Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley developed a curiosity model to help make machines better at solving real-world problems. The curiosity model was first implemented in video games to see the outcome of their virtual agents understanding the environment around it. Although the method of reinforcement learning is currently being used and it has helped make machines smarter in the recent years; its downfall is that it takes time for it to learn something new. Therefore with artificial curiosity, the learning process of machines will be more efficient.

Value for Dubai

Dubai is currently incorporating artificial intelligence to most of their services in aims to make Dubai a smarter and more efficient city and will continuously do so in the future. Therefore combining the curiosity model to the AI that they will be using will help them reach their goal of seamlessly assisting their citizens. The curiosity model is an advancement for artificial intelligence machines to solve problems they previously would not have been able to. To apply improvement to these smart machines is critical in growing and offering impactful services to those in the city and also for the Dubai to flourish.