Google has launched a new machine-learning technology which aims to help people with disabilities in ways different than the existing software have. The benefits of machine learning will positively impact the lives of those who have autism or deafness. Living in societies that are constantly relying on communication via computers and mobile devices, this software will promote new kinds of tools for those who need it. Many others, like Facebook, YouTube, and IBM, have already incorporated accessibility tools and features to their systems and software to assist those who need it. Therefore it is evident that machine learning will continuously create new inventions and opportunities for people with disability.

Value for Dubai

Dubai has worked hard towards making the lives of people with disabilities easier. The constant efforts to integrate people with disability into society has helped those with disabilities to overcome many challenges they may face. Therefore, it is vital for Dubai to invest in more technology and software like machine learning that will successfully extend their endeavour to aid those in the city that need it the most.