The World Economic Forum has published an article on the approach of designing cities. They stress on the fact that urban cities are becoming worse than ever before and have not become safer, healthier, efficient nor equitable. They recommend an approach of five hierarchical levels to model a city system that will link purposes, values, priorities, and activities performed for an urban city and the functions that they should serve. Using design work to battle the challenges of a new city will help the community understand and cope with the complexity of the technology and environment that surrounds them rather than to collapse under it.

Value for Dubai

As Dubai is aiming to become a smart city, its initiatives are to be efficient, seamless, safe and impactful. Therefore, the design model provided in this article will aid in reaching these initiatives. This model focuses on a city being functional which leads to making it efficient, to value safety and comfort. It also focuses on communication with its citizens and to have purpose related functions thus making it seamless. Additionally, they note the importance of being impactful through its governance and activities offered by the city. While Dubai is stepping towards becoming a smart city, this model will be of great reference and use to help challenge the complexities that may be faced.