Singapore has evolved from culling the brightest innovations in the world to creating an ecosystem that seeds and attracts the brains to create it. Government agencies like SG-Innovate support startups, the International Enterprise (IE) supports global expansion, and the GET-Up program help to fill in the skill gap necessary to execute innovative ideas.
Strategic investments that demonstrate the success of these Government Agencies include Sky Greens, who build vertical farm towers that yield 10 times the amount of crops as conventional cultivation at a fraction of the cost. As well as ceEntek, a Singapore startup that has finally cracked the code to produce nano-engineered Ultra-High Performance Concrete, which promise to enable taller structures, helping to accommodate Singapore’s urban population growth. These entities deliver solutions to local problems, and are primed to scale globally.

Value for Dubai

In alignment with UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda, Dubai would benefit from launching agencies with a similar purpose to the ones mentioned in Singapore, to support local entrepreneurs and inventors, especially those that are innovating to tackle challenges of the local industry and the UAE. Initiatives as such and success of entrepreneurs, inventors, and Government will raise UAE’s rank in the Global Innovation Index 2016, where it currently places 41st, as the GCC leader in Innovation, followed by Saudi Arabia (49th).