It is not about just collecting data, but what is extracted from the date we collect every day. More and more the world is looking to create value from all the data collected on a daily basis by now. This article describes how IBMs Watson is using personal data gathered through smart devices used by individuals (watches, phones, etc.) to create 100% personalised and efficient training schedules to increase health, reduce injury risk and overall enhance life quality for users.

Value for Dubai

Life in Dubai is fast-paced. People have little time to focus on their health, nutrition and exercise schedules. However, the smart wearable technology allows us to collect data of our personal behaviour, from sleep patterns, to real time heart rate monitoring, and calorie control. Artificial technology can now help to make the most out of the data we collect ourselves, creating the most optimal schedule for each of us. When thinking about a smart nation these new solutions are born to reduce health related spending of people and society as a whole, they set out to increase quality of life and finally personal happiness.